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Beer stein, ceramic or glass?

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O.k. I seem to be the go to guy for the local adult hockey teams up here in the mountains. I am making shirts, tags, flags and coasters already for a couple teams and more and more are trying to jump aboard.

One team is interested in the beer steins. I have never done these but I am going to order some on Monday. What are the best sellers? Ceramic or glass? is one easier than another to get the best results? I have excellent results with ceramic coffee mugs so I am leaning toward ceramic.

Should I base this on their logo? If there is a lot of detail is it better to go ceramic.
Personally, I think I have only had beer out of glass mugs

What do you guys use? I plan on getting them from Conde but I know the shipping is going to be a killer. They let you order just 12 at a time so at least I will be able to see how they sell after adding the shipping. One bonus is the ink usage will be low.

What do you guys recomend?
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ceramic or glass-I have done both...choice depends on the market/customers Regular beer drinkers will like glass....BUT...the image does not show up as well as on ceramic...and don't forget because of the height of the steins, you might not be able to use a regular mug press for some of them...
I use mug wraps with a small convection oven. I have 3 wraps and do one at a time so I always have a cool one ready to go. It's a little slow but I don't do big orders. I guess I can put the steins on their side to fit my oven. The wrap I have for the 11oz mugs is the same wrap listed for the steins so no extra investment that I can see. My current customers are definitely beer drinkers. They actually came up with the idea sitting around after a hockey game (wearing the team shirts I just made them) drinking beer and decided they really need team beer mugs too.

So with this in mind, should I definately go with the glass beer mug?
Ceramic steins are more for decoration, rather than for use. The kind of thing you put in a display case.

The really important thing to remember though Cory and this is vital, is to only fill the finished glass steins with a good quality beer. ;)

If you have slaved away making them, it is only fair that they are filled with quality booze. :)
I live in Idaho. McCall Idaho to be exact. It is a small resort town in the Rockies about 100 miles from Boise. I would'nt trade it for anything but it's tuff when you need sublimation supplies or anything else in the trade. You actually have to drive 2 hrs to get to a McDonalds or Blockbuster.

Sonya, I am off tomorrow so I was going to try and reach you about my DK20 ghosting


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