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Beep sound mainboard epson 1400

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i have the problem power epson 1400 can't turn on:mad:,from mainboard i hear short beep sound, im check all sensor thats no problem,im not sure for replace my mainboard, if anybody have the problem like this please share ..thanks :D:D
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Is this beeping noise indicating that the mainboard is dead 100%? Or could it be power supply board aswell? I have a dilemma now - should I order just mainboard or get that power supply board with it :)
That beeping comes from power supply board and if I unplug the cable which goes from power board to mainboard it does "spark" a little - which makes me think that the power supply board is quite healthy and does it's main objective - supplies power :) Or not? :)
Hope someone can help me here!
Hey I am having this same problem. Did you find a fix. Thanks
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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