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Been Silent on here for awhile thought id say hello

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Hey guys and girls, my name is john and i currently own a gx-24 and a stahls heat press. I have been doing vinyl and heat pressing for about 5 years. I never got to crazy in depth with it, just kept it simple and did it on the side.

I am currently looking to dive deeper into this world and have been in between a DTG (t jet blazer express or brother) and a versacamm vs300.

i like having the ability to print banners and printed stickers(die cut is so simple looking) while being able to do more intricate heat transfer prints but not sure if DTG is more what i need a i will be doing more shirts than anything else. I also plan to do mostly dark colored shirts. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am also debating on becoming a legit business. I have been only doing this on the side so never thought about talking to an accountant. I never felt like i sold enough to bother but if theirs benefits i don't know about, maybe i should look into it ??
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