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Been in storage- Black printing VERY LIGHT

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We have a brother gt-541 that has been in storage for a few months and it is printing VERY LIGHT but only on the black. Is was banding pretty bad but it is getting a little better. We have 'powerful' cleaned the black head over 20 times, used a mix of simple green and water to clean the cap/wiper. We are wondering if there is a clog in the tube from the cartridge to the head and if so, who do we talk to about finding out how to learn how to clean it out. We (along with many others) never got a manual. We just don't know what to do at this point. And ideas would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks
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you can find the manual on the brother website. Humidity is important. Depending on where you live, it could have caused a problem. You can try soaking the head in the cleaning solution that comes with the yellow or black ink. just manually turn the gear next to the capping station to lower the station, move the head aside, fill the cap with solution, return the head and turn the gear to move back up to head and let sit for a day. It might help. You can order a cleaning cartridge that you put in the ink slot and pushes solution thru the head. Might help. You may have to replace the head. ouch! If i can be more help, let me know. Sorry for the trouble you are having. We've been there.
I had a problem with black ink banding on my year and a half gt 541; a tech came and saw that the black tube was clogged from non use . replaced the tube and I am back to normal .Also bought a cleaning cartridge which I now use if the machine sits for a while .
:):)OK Took it to Stitch City yesterday and Fernando fixed it all up! The black tube in the back was clogged and the black capping station was all gunked up. Cleaned it all and we're good to go! Thank you Fernando!:):)
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