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Looks like you know your PPC stuff, so my only suggestions would be to:

1) Lose the sound.

2) Rework the shopping cart to buy the buy button on top. After all that scrolling, I actually thought it was an article and not a shopping cart page :)

3) Test without those javascript hover zoom overs on the image on the main page. I think customers aren't expecting it and it can throw shoppers off (especially if they aren't web savvy). It threw me off and I've been buying online for 10 years.

4) Maybe add an estimate of shipping charges on catalog pages.

5) Make the links easier to read and recognize as links. Especially the sizing chart link.

6) Maybe test the site with "less" choices. It could be that you are overwhelming the shopper with stuff they have to do just to get a cool t-shirt.

All that said, I would buy all of your t-shirts and wear them (I dig the supersoft alternativeapparel shirts you're using).

It could be that PPC might not be the right avenue for the vintage t-shirt theme. It could be that better conversions will just have to come from natural search engine results and other forms of advertising over time.

Good luck with the site though! I've got it bookmarked for a future purchase :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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