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I purchased this unit and I?m wondering what settings people are using to cure Plastisol.

I?ve got temp set at max which is 1350 and belt speed at 13.

I?m just not impressed. Claims to cure 300 shirts and hour.

I?d actually like to see the belt speed faster and it seems I shouldn?t need to max out the temp.
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A temperature recording device - whether it's strips, a temperature gun or a donut probe, will definitely assist you in determining temp settings and belt speed.. You will need to try different settings and record your findings. As you mention plastisol - most ink manufacturers will want you to get the temp up to 320 degrees to cure. Many elements effect your dryer temp and curing : heat/humidity, color of shirt, and fabric type of apparel. to name a few. When it comes to the 300 per hour, it is fair to ask a manufacturer how they got to that number. Have a great day...
I have already verified with temp gun and strips.

I was just curious of others using the same dryer as it seems to be a popular unit.

My temps were taken after @20 mins so maybe as the day wears on the dryer will heat soak and not require the temp to be maxed
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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