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basic reliable equipment start up [heat transfers]

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This forum is very helpful and I thank all who have responded to my questions.
Now, I want to start a home based tshirt print with my daughter. If we do 10 shirts a week that would be fine [samples] then print as needed.
What equipment ,press, printer,etc.etc. would be best, I have about $800.00 I am confused with the size of the image the printer would print ,how does a press thst is 14x16 and a printer that prints only 8x14 match? I want to make the image at least 15x15 min.Am I missing something duh! Any one know what im talking about? ken
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Re: basic reliable equipment start up

You are going to need to get a new printer. I'm sure there are methods of using a standard printer that would work, but you would sacrifice quality. As for the 800 budget, you not going to be able to get much for that. I would suggest looking at craigslist in your local area for a set up for sale. Other considerations you must consider would be how many colors are you going to print on a textile, do you plan on doing a four color process work, how many shirts you would want to print out in a week, the detail of the images your going to print, space you have for a workshop ect. Again 800 isn't much, you can get something in that range that would produce but you need to figure out exactly what you will accept as far as quality, quanity and ease of use.
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Re: basic reliable equipment start up

Are you referring to heat transfers? Or to screen printing?
My guess would be that you are wanting to start with heat transfers. Is that correct?
Re: basic reliable equipment start up

heat transfers.. thx !:confused:
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