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baseball stitching fonts

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Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to make a font like this in corel for vinyl cutting, if anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly, THANKS, attaching a picture


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you could prob. contour a word or words or object, combine the "laces" contours. Give the "lace" contour a crosshatched or stich type filll. Give the other layers an appropriate texture fill.

not at a computer with corel but in my mind it works.
I recently watched a video on youtube on how to do this.
This is just a custom stroke on a font with a duplicate on the bottom with a really big white stroke.

I made you a sample to reference. white font layer has the pattern stroke, copied the white font layer, pasted behind and put a big blue stroke on it to extend past the threads.


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Do you remember what you typed in to get to it
it's not a font, you can do this to any style of lettering. it's a custom stroke. you design and set up a custom stroke and apply it to your lettering. I didn't type anything in other than TEST which I then converted to curves, seperated the spacing, made a custom stroke on it, copied the whole thing, pasted, sent to back, turned the custom stroke into a regular stroke and made it bigger than the custom stroke. typing it takes longer than it actually takes.
sounds like it might be a little confusing to me lol !!!!......do you think I can find it on Youtube to give me step by step, new to corel and just trying to learn on my own
I would think you could make a custom outline and then it would work with any font.
What are the steps for making a custom outline?
Thank you, one question, I have the stroke made like yours but how do you apply it to text
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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