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BAS 423A Simple Question

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Been to hell and back with my BAS-423A with an electrical issue.

Broke the man CPU board, swapped it out with a 423 board and even though the tech and Brother couldn't help resolve issues, it now turns on runs and does all but one thing. Consistantly recognize the needle it is on. Likely I broke it removing it to check it as advised as it was stuck in place. Right now, it seams my N-Case potentiometer is busted.

I digest, if someone has a BAS-423A can you just tell me if when you power the machine on if the LCD screen says BAS423 or BAS423A. I honestly can't remember what it said as I never paid any attention to it.

I am just trying to prepare if I need to settle a few more issues to get my machine up and sprinting again than just changing a potentiometer.

Thanks for any responses!

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