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Barudan Elite 15 needle machine question

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Seriously contemplating purchasing one of these sometime later in the spring. A visit to Atlantic City this Saturday will settle it once and for all. I've gotten lots of great insight and advice from this forums. Thanks to everyone for that. I checked out the spare room that this machine will go in and the door is just 30" wide so it will be tight, and we all know what slowly going through a tight doorway with a couple of hundred pounds is like right? My question is.; I know the specs on the Barudan Elite 15 needle machine is 29" according to the specs on Barudans website, but I also notice that older elites have a different wider and heavier looking base with the emergency shut off on the right gray arm, and the newer ones have the narrower (at least it looks that way) arms and the emergency switch under the automat. Does anyone here know if the width on the website is the same for the newer machines - every inch counts. I'll know the answer Saturday in NJ, but thought if someone read this I could get it sooner, and you all know how excited you were getting your first piece of equipment like this was right?
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I would also measure your doorway - a 30 inch door usually has trim on the inside that makes it closer to 29 inch clearance...
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