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Barudan BEATS 806 Floppy

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I am really hoping someone here can help me with an old Barundan BEATS 806.

So we have the machine but really struggling to get work on it. We have an old PC which has a 720kb double density floppy drive in it. I am trying to format the disk through Wilcom e3 for Barudan FDR as the machine uses an FDR III, but it says Diskette error occurred 13.

Am I going something wrong here? I have tried numerous things for the past 2 weeks and starting to pull what little hair I have left out with this thing.
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Format your disks under command prompt in Windows. In the window type in format a: After you have formatted your disk save in wilcom to whichever machine language you need.

Get your floppys from floppy disk .com. They will have the correct ones. Wilcom will save to them once it has been formatted. You may also have to get an external floppy drive from this company.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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