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Banding on Spectra/Epson P600

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I've been having a problem with banding on my Spectra/Epson P600. After every 3 prints, I get banding and have to do a head clean and it goes away until I print another 3.

I print CMYK only. Printer's been flushed, damper unit has been replaced, the bottom of my ink bags are about 6 inches above the nozzle plate on the print head. Waterfalled the print head and nozzle checks are good. Humidity is always between 50-70%.

Occasionally black colors will print with a slight red or greenish tint to them. I use Ek Print and usually print on a superfine setting. The red/greenish tint mostly appears when printing on a speed setting.

I just wanted to see if I'm missing something here. Print head cleans every 3 prints isn't too bad but it becomes quite a hassle when I get slammed with orders. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Just a shot in the dark. Check for a small draft over the machine. If you are printing with fine spray, it is possible that there is not enough ink flowing to keep the head surface clean. A small draft would only accelerate the drying process. It is the same concept as painting a car and running the paint/air ratio too lean. Cmyk inks will dry quickly and a fine spray/ mist w ill dry even faster.
Thanks! I'll give it a shot.
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