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Bag Ink height

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This is aimed at current Veloci-Jet owners who use the ink bulk system.

What height do you keep your ink shelves at? I am trouble shooting my initial set up and trying to get them in place. I'm curious how others have theirs set.

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Ink heights will vary widely depending on the location of the user. That's why there is so much space to adjust the shelf height on the EZ PRO Bulk Systems. Plus, a unique feature is that the height is independently adjustable between the white ink and CMYK ink shelves.

Thanks for the response. You and I have talked about this also, and I plan to email you again later (warning!) with my results, but I wanted to see what some other users were doing to get an idea.

I understand that there is not a standard position, but the more info I can gather, the better
Not a VJ users..but we put our bags about an inch below the printhead. Of course the bags are on the other side so some eye estimating or ruler would be helpful.

Also, make sure your table is level (what your printer sits on). I have seen the EZ bags and I know they are quite larger than other bags. I have seen customers of mine struggle with adjustment in order to eliminate starvation and air getting into the lines. Just take in account laying them flat is the best way.you should prop one up one by one as they go low instead of the whole shelf.
If you aren't getting at least 90% of ink out of a bag you should adjust more.

I would start from the inch below the print head and adjust.

Do some solid blocks of CMYK to see if you get starvation. I normally say one inch blocks but with EZ bags I would say 2-3 inch blocks cause you aren't gonna know starvation with that small if an image.

If you aren't getting good solid images them adjust..if they are saturated go lower. If they are starved out go higher.
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