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Hi All,
i've just started pressing vinyl t-shirt designs, and i'm having a great time. i was using some Siser EasyWeed "Glow in the Dark" material.
it cut fine on my cutter. i weeded it... and then cut the ganged up designs into individual pieces.
i pressed them onto the shirts following the directions/temperatures/times that came with the material (leaning towards the high side of the ranges).

now the weird part:
when i cold peeled off the backing, my deign looked great on the shirt and i liked the vinyl on the shirt... but the backing had left a mark where it's border was. and it wasn't too pretty as i had randomly cut them out quickly with some scissors!

how do you prevent this? i assume its glue. it doesn't seem like the glow in the dark material, and I've never experienced that with other vinyl material t shirt designs.

any recommendations to solve this? (Picture below)

thanks in advance.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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