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Just posting my first thread. I began commercial art career in 1977 and by 1979 began working for the largest silk screening operation in Miami, Florida. In and out of this business for years, it's time to make some of my own shirts. However, all I am interested in at this point is producing inexpensive (but high quality) promotional materials (shirts and perhaps other items) for another business. At last, I can do what "I" want!

It is incredible to see how far the direct processes and InkJet transfer processes have come. It's a 'Brave New World' in the imprinted garment industries.

This is a truly great little forum. Glad I found it. I've already saved myself a lot of grief by researching various techs and products within the pages of this forum. I thank all of those who contributed for their time and effort.

Here's a big hello to everybody.

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