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Baby clothes - Vests, bibs etc

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Not sure where to post this so chose this section

1. Does anyone have any experience printing on Baby stuff, whether it be bibs or vests? Is it the same as T shirts?

2. If anyone has a supplier for plain white baby items, it would be much appreciated

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Technically it's very similar since they are usually 100% cotton. Make sure that all items intend for use by children under twelve I believe requires a lot of record keeping in terms of the chess in your inks and stuff as well as batch numbers and stuff like that after you print. Make sure keeping it legal because people take things happening to their kids pretty seriously so unless your following the child safety laws you ate opening yourself to a lot if liability. So make sure to ask and do your research before you sink to much into this.

My two cents, toss them in a well and make a wish.
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Thanks for that

Do you know if that is just a US law, or applies to the UK also?
Crud didn't look at the location on your profile lol. Frankly I have no clue about it outside the us. It's to protect kids from stuff like led and crap being imported to the states. I am guessing the uk is different possibly more strict.
For the US, the inks would applied to the shirt would have to be CPSIA compliant. There is a lot of info out there. I'm not sure about rules outside of the US.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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