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Hi guys my name is Eric,

I work for B-Flex, we're a Heat Transfer Vinyl manufactured based out of Italy. We've been in business for over a decade and recently opened our North American headquarters in Georgia. We sell directly through our website (https://b-flexamerica.com/ ) We ship to all 50 states (most of AL, GA, SC, and NC get next-day shipping)

Our flagship product, the GIMME5, is a soft true matte material that can be applied in just 4 seconds at 285F. This allows it to be applied to an extensive variety of garments while providing unprecedented durability.
It has been tested up to 100 hot wash cycles. Simply put: we believe it's the best HTV out there ;)

Our GIMME5 line up comes in standard colors, metallics, neons, and we also offer a printable version.

We also have glitters, sublistops, and printable HTVs, as well as heat presses and other accessories.

Coming soon to B-Flex: the Transfer Weeder 17, a machine that can speed up your weeding process by up to 90%, check out our website or Facebook page to learn more
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