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I am on the lookout for a good quality ladies sweatshirt available within the UK, i've tried a B & C sweatshirt (starlight B806F) the quality seemed ok, i washed it and it bled really badly ; It was bright red but the amount of colour coming off of it was a lot, the water was very red and i was lucky i washed it alone.

Excuse my ignorance but if i had printed it with a white plastisol design would this excessive bleeding affect the white ink?

I have my own brand of shirts manufactured and the factory will always check for colour runs etc and i'm not use to buying a blank off the shelf and wouldn't want to wash every item to check colour run (so i could warn my customer) , are there certain brands which are more susceptible to runs? Apologies for this very general question, i know the little i do very well but my breath of knowledge printing wise is very limited and i'd love some advice.

This particular shirt was on special and call me cynical but i'm wondering if it's for the amount the shirt bleeds?

Is B & c collection known to be an ok brand?

Many thanks
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