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Went to level out my printer, the left side was a little to low, turned the knob to the right to lift it a hair & the knob fell off in my hand...it is now stuck only raising the right side!!!! help??? is there a manual way to put it back in the "both" position until I can get it in? can't make squat right now!

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Please see if you can push the selector switch knob back onto the assembly, if that does not work then there are several ways to get around this.
The simplist and quickest way without getting into the enclosure to fix it would be to lift the low side of the printer up and put something between the printer and lift angle to raise it up to the active side.
You can also adjust the platen to match the printer by the leveling screws if its not to far off.
Beyond that if you pm me your number i will walk you through the next step until Monday to get you going.
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