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Avg Consumable Cost Per Impression

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Avg Consumable Cost Per Impression Question

I have been screen printing for about 8 months.

My consumables cost per impression seems high. I am using the 5 bucket method from an inksoft blog

Here is the consumable definition

Consumable Bucket is for ink, emulsion, tape, screens, mesh, chemicals, thread, pellons, needles, pre-treatment fluid, shrink wrap, boxes, labels, paper, markers, band-aids…essentially everything you are using on a regular basis to get orders out the door. Most shops only have a few suppliers, so pulling this data shouldn’t be too difficult.

Please note, that this is not shirts, tote bags, jackets, or any substrate you decorate.

Can somebody tell me what shop running a 6 color manual should avg per impression in this consumable cost bucket?


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