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automatic printing tip

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hear me out this might help...i thought i blew out too much of the emulsion...i was using a high mesh screen...305...it looked like i blew out all the fine detail in the half tones...we were using a new halftone program this was the first run...after reburning the image 3 times i just aligned it and printed with it anyways...it was the black ink screen...batman black willflex ink...runny so u gotta limit it goin thru...anyways the test print looked amazing!!! i dont know if it was the new program we were trying for the halftone art or what but u could see a hint of the underbase where i thought i blew out the detail...anyways what im trying to say is when using mutlti color on high mesh screens if the screens dont look like the detail blew out right just give it a try anyways and it just might look great. dont just assume how it will print especially when using high mesh screens and halftones or blending colors or printing wet on wet...just give it a whirl and let the machine adjustments limit the ink goin thru the screen
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