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Australian Suppliers - Heat Transfer T-shirt Vinyls

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I'm just after a list of all/any good Australian t-shirt vinyl suppliers. If possible, please post some links :)

If you're in Australia, where are you ordering your vinyls from?
And how much are you paying for it?

If I must order from America, does anybody know where the best place to order from is (shipping costs)?

Thanks heaps, I'm sure others will find this usefull too

Cheers, Jasper (QLD, 4558)
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Can somebody please tell me where I can buy T-Shirt vinyls from in Australia?
Here's a place that sells the machines:

Maybe you could contact them to see if they can lead you to any vinyl suppliers in the region
Hi Jasper,
Send me a PM with your requirements - I might be able to help.
Hi again,

I'm still having trouble finding a good vinyl supplier within Australia. Can you help me?

... Surely some of the T-Shirt Forum members are Australians using heat vinyl? lol

I've considerd ordering from America but the shipping costs are huge. Do you have any recomendations for shipping methods to Aus, and roughly how much it will cost per roll?

Has anybody tried www.magicut.com before? I haven't been able to find out anything about their product or even get a response from their australian dealer. Their website doesn't really give me the vibe that they sell a high-quality product, lol but i'm probably wrong. I need high quality vinyl.

If you look in their products section, you'll find MagiCut Paper. Does anybody know what exactly this is? How does the the feel/quality of it compares to vinyls?

as always,
your help is looked upon with much appreciation, thanks! :)
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have you tried looking in Europe and Asia ? ... i think there are some deco materials made there too.
Can you reccomend any suppliers in Europe or Asia? I've basically looked everywhere, most of the places I've looked at in America say they will ship to Australia but they either have no idea of how much shipping will be or they ask a huge figure to make sure they cover themselves. If you know of an American dealer that actually ships to Aus as part of their regular business, let me know. How much sould I be looking at for shipping?

What do you think that MagiCut Paper is?

Cheers, Jasper
Jasper, perserve with Magicut - they have good stuff. Just give them a call and ask for Colin.
Jane, are you using MagiCut? Where are you ordering from and how much are you paying? Private message me if you wish, thanks heaps, Jasper
Yeah Jasper, we do buy some vinyl stock from MagiCut (Magic Touch in Australia) - they have very good quality material. We've negotiated a deal as we buy a lot, and I sadly cannot divulge details!! Where are you based? I can give you contact details for NSW and Vic, and if you say that Foghorn recommended you to them they will look after you I am sure!!
I'm based on the sunshine coast (4558 QLD). I haven't been able to contact the two QLD dealers. I contacted the main magicut company and they fowarded my details to the QLD suppliers (weeks ago), but I haven't heard anything back yet. Do you think getting the vinyl shipped from NSW would be an unreasonable cost?

Just out of interest, is everything on your site done with MagiCut?

Cheers, Jasper
Hi Jasper - I'd get in touch with Colin in Sydney and say you haven't been able to contact the Queensland suppliers - Colin is the importer and he on-supplies to his reps (direct from him is no cheaper, and I guess there would be an additional shipping cost from NSW).

Contact: Colin Johnstone
Address: 2 Louie Street
Padstow NSW 2211
Phone: 02 9773 1817
Email: [email protected]

We also source from a couple of other suppliers, but for the basic vinyl magic touch is best in our view, and we tested a lot of stuff...!
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