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Hey guys,

I wrote on here a while back for screen printing, but I have since been selling T-Shirts in America using Printful.

I am now looking for a DTG print provider for apparel in Australia - bonus points if you are on the Gold Coast.

I started up a clothing label - Creative Apparel a couple of months ago, and I am currently targeting America. What I would like to do is bring it home to Australia.

The store is run online at www.creativeapparelstore.com

Our US Business Model
The business model is currently: DTG Printers in America running through Printify store (like Printful – Print on Demand and fulfilment).

1. Order comes through the website;
2. Order gets placed with Printify (DTG Print on Demand Print Provider in America)
3. Order gets shipped out by Printify

I would like to see if I can use a similar model in Australia, with an Australian Print provider. In terms of shipping, I am based on the Gold Coast so am happy to come pick up the T-Shirts and post them myself if you're in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

All our graphics are vectorized and ready to print. Graphics are available on our website.

I would like to print on AS Colour or a similar T-Shirt to Bella + Canvas 3001/6004.

For now I am just after an approximate price per T-Shirt to see if the business model would work here.

I look forward to your reply,

Creative Apparel Store
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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