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I've decided to make August the official "New Member Appreciation Month" here at T-ShirtForums.com!

What's that mean?

Well, we always encourage new members to register and post in the forums, but for the month of August, we're adding a special bit of "incentive" :D
The new member that starts the "most interesting" topic in the month of August wins a free, supercool, highly coveted ;) T-ShirtForums.com T-Shirt!
Q: What is a new member?

A: Someone who has registered for the T-ShirtForums and made anywhere from 0-14 posts.

Q: What constitutes the "most interesting" topic?

A: Good question. It could be a simple question that gets a lot of response from other members. It could be an interesting observation/tip that members can use.

The winner will be decided by a combination of number of replies to the topic, the "thread rating" of the topic (members can rate each thread on a 5 star rating scale), overall member response to the topic, and the final decision will be made by yours truly :)
If you've been watching and reading the forum posts for a while, waiting for a chance to register and introduce yourself and get involved, this is a great time to join our t-shirt community. You know who you are :)

Of course I can't leave out our helpful members out there with more than 15 posts. You're a part of this too :D

The member (with more than 15 posts) that is voted "Most Helpful Member" for the month of August will win a $50 Gift eBay Certificate.

You also get a cool "most helpful member" t-shirt avatar background (instead of a white t-shirt background).
Q: What do you mean by "most helpful"?

A: Everyone here is already pretty darn helpful, so this will be hard to judge. For the purpose of this contest, it means things like:
  • Seeing if you have an answer from some of our "Unanwered Topics". There's also a link to unanwered questions in the left hand area once you're logged in.
  • Refraining from referring new members to "use the search function"
    The search IS very helpful for finding answers that may have already been posted, but not everyone knows which terms to search for since they weren't part of those older topics.

    Some alternatives would be to just take a second to repost an answer or maybe wait for another member to get a chance to answer the question (it may be their first time answering a question).
  • Take a second to welcome some of our new members in our Member Introductions forum.
  • Give some helpful suggestions and reviews in the "Site Reviews - Design Reviews" forum.
  • Keep posting helpful tips, information, suggestions, answers in the forums!

Who will decide who the "Most Helpful Member" is?

You can send your nominations to me privately via the Forum Feedback section, or PM or Email.

Thanks for making T-ShirtForums.com a great place to share t-shirt information in a friendly environment!

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