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August Contest Winners: Best Question(s) and Most Helpful Member

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The votes are in and the tallies have been counted! The results for the August New Member Appreciate Month contests are here!

The first contest was a challenge to judge, however I think I've come up with a fair solution.

For the Most Interest Topic From a New Member, we have a 3 way tie :)

1. Thread title: "stupid questions but here goes: which side of the transfer paper do I print on,etc" started by member o2happpy:

Proof that there are no stupid questions here at T-ShirtForums :) A simple question about transfer paper gets some great answers and tips from our helpful members.

Speaking of "helpful members", that brings us to our next award:
Our most helpful member for August was longtime helpful forum member, badalou (or just Lou if you're nice:))
This award was given by nomination from other forum members.

Unbeknownst to Lou, he was already in the vote lead for the most helpful member, when, in true poker player fashion, he went "ALL IN" over the top with his super useful VIDEO Tutorial on heat pressing t-shirts with Ironall/Miracool transfer paper.

Lou, like many members of T-ShirtForums, continues to take time to share helpful tips in his area(s) of expertise. Lou also has gone out of his way to help members by phone, email, and PM.
Here's one Lou quote from one of the winning "interesting threads" from above:

"First, no question on this forum is stupid.. you may get some answers that may seem so but everyone here is helpful and generous in the support of new people trying to learn. I don't know the paper you are using but in general a hot peel paper is printed on the side with the coating. because it is logic that is what is going on the shirt. I use Iron All or Mira cool both hot peel. Both of these papers do not have markings on the back. By the way where do you get you paper so I can check the paper and maybe help you further. Lou"

So from me and all the members and people reading your posts. Thanks Lou :D

The new members who won the most interesting topic contest all win a free (did I say highly coveted ;)), t-shirtforums.com t-shirt.

Lou wins a $50 gift certificate to eBay.com and a cool custom t-shirt avatar that will show up when he posts :)

Be sure to wish them congratulations in the TF Lounge section of the forum!
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