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The votes are in and the tallies have been counted. The results for the August 2008 Member Appreciation month contests are here!

For Most Interesting Topic From A New Member,the winner is:

1: Thread Title: " Visual Comparison Chart of the different ways to do Print Custom T-Shirts" started by member Qriz.

Although this chart is a work in progress, one of our newest member Qriz took the initiative and spent some time compiling the info he learned about the different printing methods and put them together in a "visual" chart that should be helpful as part of the learning process to people learning about the t-shirt printing industry.

Hopefully more members can contribute their printing knowledge to help make the chart as accurate as possible.

This next contest is always interesting to watch. Since there are no "nominees" and all members with more than 15 posts were eligible to win, the votes get spread out among a few members.

Although there are hundreds of helpful members on this site, this time, we received votes for Girlzndollz, COEDS, Solmu, Mystysue, Sunnydayz and Jasonda.

All were deserving, but...

...the member that received the most votes in our Most Helpful Member Contest is...

TWO MEMBERS! For the first time in 3 years, we have a tie.

Girlzndollz and Solmu were tied for votes!

We've never had a tie before, so we didn't really have any plans in place...so I'm happy to announce that they are both winners of the MHM 2008 award and will both win the $100 prize!

Kelly (Girlzndollz) only joined T-ShirtForums in October of 2007.
Like many new members, she started out reading and asking questions about the different methods of making t-shirts. She then started applying the information she learned and went on to help others do the same. These days, she goes out of her way to give complete and thought out answers to the many questions posted in the forum. She has also helped to organize all the great knowledge found here in the forums by creating and contributing to some of the most popular threads in the forum that discuss the different printing methods.

You can usually find Kelly helping out and sharing tips in the Heat Transfer section of the forum or relaxing in the chat room.

Lewis (Solmu) joined T-ShirtForums over 3 years ago in August of 2005. From the start, he jumped right in offering helpful, critical reviews in the Site Reviews and Design reviews forum. Although his posts are often frank and to the point, it is clear that he truly wants to help and share what he knows about the industry.

From his detailed posts outlining what is required on labels, to his posts that try and help to explain the complexities of copyrights and intellectual property, Solmu is truly an asset to the forum.

When the forums started grow rapidly in 2006, he was the first member to volunteer to help keep the forums a great place to share and research information on our industry.

You can usually find Lewis sharing helpful tips in the Screen Printing section of the forum or giving reviews with a healthy dose of reality in our Site Reviews and Design Reviews section of the forum.
I want to thank all those members who really took on the spirit of Member Appreciation Month and made it a huge success. Also thank you to all those who took the time to cast a vote for the Most Helpful Member contest.

Thank you to all who contribute to making the forums a great place for t-shirt information!

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