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Attending Shows and Printing while people wait

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I have just invested in a van and had it kitted out to enable me to make text and simple vinyl graphics for application to hoodies, t-shirts and polo shirts. I have also had installed a sublimation set up and have mug presses so that I can offer them as well - Printing while U wait!

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to draw people to the stand?

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That reminds of an episode of "The Apprentice" I saw one time. Two teams had to come up with a "mobile" business and whoever earned the most money won. The business that the winning team had was a mobile massage parlor and they went to a busy intersection, busted open the van doors and opened up shop.

Now, you're not in the massage business so that story may not directly apply to you but I bet there could be something learned there.

If I had that kind of set up, you better believe my van would be decked out w/logos and contact info and even though I have a regular 9-5, I'd be camped out in an empty lot at the busiest intersection i could find. Maybe set up a 10x10 canopy with some sample apparel flappin in the wind and a table loaded with some sample mugs and whatever else you can do.

How effective that would be, I don't know. But I think if you promoted yourself locally and people got used to seeing you there weekend after weekend (or day after day, whatever) business might start to pick up.

That's probably how I would go about doing it, but, I am still working for someone else so, take from it what you will and good luck!
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Look for events representing your target market and go sell. You will need a booth, canopy or some sort of dispay set up. You will need banners and fold away tables. You are also going to need a helper.
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