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Attend ISS AC?

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Anyone attend ISS in Atlantic City? What did you think?
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Went on Friday, walked around for about 5 hours. Probably not the smartest thing to do before having knee surgery this coming week LOL...

Seemed like more vendors than last year, either that or some of the larger ones were just more spread out. That and the prices on everything seemed to have gone up dramatically from a year ago in some cases.
I was there briefly on Saturday. It was fairly crowded. The exhibits (signage) seemed bigger. I didn't check any prices but a few of my business expenses have gone up recently. T's took center stage. Guess that's where the money is.
I was there and was not disappointed at the volume of attendees. And I did alright at the Casino:)
Did about four hours on Friday and had a profitable time.
Met with my Alpa Rep, got to see some of the new apparel offered by Threadfast, Gildan and others.
Also, a new vinyl supplier was there, B-Flex.
At first it seemed like less floor space, but there was plenty there for me.
$15 to park. (And still walk half a mile.)

Tollbooth just about every time I get my window rolled back up.

Reminded me why I hate New Jersey.

Show was OK. Got a lot of ink and emulsion samples.
$15.00 actually isn't that bad for city parking. I paid $20.00 and walked. Its a business expense. The rates go up and down depending on the crowds.
Four dollars for an 8 cent bottle of water. 9 dollars for a simple sandwich.
The highlights for me were:
**Volt all electric press from Anatol
** Shurlock screen frames and panels
** Improved numbering system from Vastek
I take NJ Transit, the train pulls right in to the Convention Center.
Also, try the little lunch spot up in the train station area.
Family owned and operated. Good food and fairly priced.

Don't know where you are coming from, but the train cost is less than tolls and parking for me. Clean and comfortable and they always have a designated quiet car. I didn't even bring a jacket.
Just be sure to check departure times, as the later in the day, the more spaced out the departures are.
They definitely overcharge. I usually don't eat there (I live 20 minutes away) but food/ drinks in the train station section of the convention center are cheaper. There is a stand close to the inside entrance. Some people eat there.

Back a few years when that convention center was new they had a new PR firm working for them and I was contacted to see if I wanted to do some work and it was one of those situations where I would have to pay a fee to submit a bid. NO THANK YOU!
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We did a few hours on Saturday...seemed a tad bit smaller than the past two years but crowded with attendees.

Looking at automatic screen printers right now and a bit disappointed that there were not more companies with them at the show.
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