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Atma screen printing issue please help

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Hey everyone I hope someone can help me with an issue i'm having with my ATMA screen printer. I print on top sheets for snowboards, when I was running a print yesterday it was working fine for about 20 prints, I added more ink to the screen, but on my next print the machine started to go down to print then quickly stopped and went back up and shut off. I tried restarting the machine but I can not get it to work properly. All the wiring is fine, I feel like it is a problem with the sensor. I run the head back to the left where I always start printing but when I try to run a print it goes all the way to the right past the home sensor on the right, then back left towards the sensor and shuts off. This is becoming very frustrating and I need to print. I know this is very vague but if anyone has an answer feel free to let me know, thanks.
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