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Atlas Lanyard Heat Press - Any Good?

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I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with Atlas heat presses, specifically the Atlas Lanyard Heat Press (40" x 20")?

I already own 2 George Knight presses but am looking for a press that is longer (40 - 52 inches). I KNOW there are very expensive presses & great presses available in that length (width isn't as much a concern) but unfortunately I am not in the situation to fork out 8-15K for a heat press right now, especially since I'm not sure if the product will take off or not. If it doesn't, then the equipment I already own will suffice for what I am currently doing.

I'm sort of working on a new product and without a crystal ball that can predict the future, I'm hesitant to invest in really expensive equipment. But also don't want to blow money down the drain either.

I called the company selling the press and they didn't have answers to my questions such as what amperage does the press require (110 volts isn't really enough info), is it a fuse system, and why only a 90 day warranty?

So can anyone share their experience with Atlas heat presses?

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I would be very concerned if they cannot answer a simple question. And only a 90 day warranty????
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Yeah, I know... my thoughts too and I called the sales rep out on it. He initially said that Atlas is a GREAT heatpress of which I followed up with, 'oh yeah, then why only a 90 day warranty?'

US Cutter....I thought they were a reliable company?
They are a good company.
They are a good company.
My experience in life is that a good company doesn't sell crap products. That's why I'm asking if anyone has direct experience with this brand of press. I always believed that US Cutter is a good company BUT if they are selling heat presses with 90 day warranties and are only familiar with the product as to what's on the spec sheet.... they I have to think perhaps they're not so great a company anymore... I dunno... It would still cost ~$1300+ for this press, but is considerably less than 10K... but who can afford to throw 1K down the drain? Certainly not me. The old adage that money isn't everything is most often far from being true...
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