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I recently got my grubby little hands on an Atlas 5-way for err...uh... For-Freaking Free Baby!!

I installed a new ballast for the UV black light bulbs and am going to give it a try in the morning.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has any idea what exposure times are the norm for this type of thing. Before I got the Flo's working I was looking at 10 minute burns... That flipped me out, so I fixed the flo's and installed two extra 300W Quartz lights beside the 1000W....

Now I know Quartz is not the optimum light for blue spectrum, but...

Will I see better exposure times by dumping these two lights in or will I have point of light problems??? I'll know better when the sun is up and I've run a couple screens through it, but I wanna know if I'm just chasing my tail and should look to install a 1000 W MH instead??

I'm use to using a nuarc, so a ten minute exposure time is insane... The price was right, but not if production is going to suffer because of it...


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