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Atlanta Printer Recommendations

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Hey guys,

I'm going crazy trying to find a printer in the Atlanta area so I was hoping someone might have a recommendation. I know it may be a tall order, but I am trying to find a printer that can fulfill all, or at least most of my requirements in house. Ideally they should be capable of performing the actual screen printing, heat transfers for rhinestones, embroidery, and tag relabeling. Most of the printers I have talked to contract out the heat transfers and embroidery, but I'd like a printer that can do most of this in house, because of my time constraints. I already have my designs and shirts, but I just need to do get them printed. Thank you so much for your help!!

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The Shirt Shop in Hapeville can fulfill all of your needs. He has the equipment for it all.

He name is Shekur (Pronouced Shaker) Permunal, and here his is information. Tell him Katrina told you to give him a call.

The Shirt Shop

3273 Dogwood Dr
Atlanta, GA 30354 Map
  • (404) 761-9800
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try TPE laserperfect in Buford. 770 831 1938. believe they can do what you need. Ask for either Lisa or Tina
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