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I am looking to attend the ASI show in Chicago next month (July, 2010). I have been in the graphics/printing field, but am now entering the T-shirt and apparel field. I only need access to one day of the expo and in the past, have always had free access to an expo entrance. Unfortunately, i don't have the special CODE this time when registering online. Does anyone have a SPECIAL CODE to gain access to the expo for free?? It would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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I'm registered, but I can't remember if I had to enter a special code. Let me look through my emails from ASI. I may also have an extra ticket to the Wednesday night event at Club 51.
I didn't see a special code on my registration email invite. Did you go into ASIcentral and try to register? You should be able to get into the exhibits for free.
Thanks for looking... I tried registering, and it came up with a $199 fee - "Reg Fee - Prospective Distributor Member". I'm going to try calling them to see what the deal is. In the past, i've always had a code to access the expo for free. Some of my vendors are not listed as exhibitors, so I can't ask them for a code.
Ok, I guess I didn't realize you weren't an ASI member.
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