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ascetate and markers isn't consistent enough

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Hi guys. I have another question I could use some help on. I am freehand drawing my designs on a treated ascetate with artist markers. The guy at the store said this would stop the smearing and bleeding of the ink and get me consistent, opaque results but it's not working as well as I would like. Is there any other way to get the image on something so that I can have better, more consistent results. Can you use differnt materials? A household printer? Anything? Thanks for the help...
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what is the end purpose for using acetate? are you burning screens? if not why not use like bristol board. i used to use it all the time with markers with no bleed.
Sorry, yes, I'm burning screens to make t-shirts...
do you have a computer setup (scanner, software etc.)?
Yea, I have all the above
i would draw on the bristol board, scan into photoshop (or whatever graphics editing program you have) and print onto film/acetate. most screen printers print to film and burn their screens from that. it'd be easier to do separations too. i know a lot of desktop printers aren't capapble of printing to film but ask the forum. i know there's an epson that most people use.
Ok, cool. Thank you for all the help.
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