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Artist needed and advice on selection process

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I live in ATL. ga new to printing. I dont have a biz yet but have ideas for some t shirts i would like to sell. I just got a yudu but havent used it yet. I need an artist that can draw ie. a horse and male character. These shirt will be tageted to a certain sports mrkt. Dont have very much money. Plan to use 3-4 basic colors if the its possiable w/i Yudu. (not yet sure what quality it can provide). Any good but resonable artist/graphics person in area you can refer.

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Hey Jay, welcome to the forums. If you search the forums, you should find some info on the Yudu. I think the general consensus is that it's good for home use if you're printing shirts for yourself. But it's not exactly up to retail quality if you're looking to sell shirts to consumers.

It shouldn't be hard to find graphic designers. But since you haven't used the Yudu yet and you have limited funds, you should probably save your money for now. Just find some free clipart somewhere and start practicing the printing process. Once you get up to speed, you can pay for the artwork you're looking for.

Hope this helps and good luck!
Hi Jay, and welcome to the forums. I used to live in Atlanta and just wanted to mention you have a lot of talent in training there at the Art Institute of Atlanta in buckhead.....might be a good place to look?

good luck!
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Hey thanks alot guys. I ve been sitting on this idea for about 1yr and Im to pt of bursting. Im just sick of not being able to express this idea; on top of the fact im afraid someone else will start selling in this niche place im targeting. Ideally I want to come out of the gate strong but with only about $300-$400 and limited knowledge im not sure if I can produce a retail quality product. But I am in the process of contacting art schools and to suppliment my creative frustration I plan to get some practice with the yudu. In the mean time guys thanks again and well talk soon.
Hello Jay,

I'm an artist here on the forums. My name is Chris Clark and you can find my work at Chris Clarks's Illustrations maybe we can work something out for your simple bottom-line before you try to work your way into more complicated designs.

Good Luck with your idea Jay!
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