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Artist - looking for ways to express art on tees

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Hello Everyone

I am very new to the world of printing art on T-Shirts as a medium and enjoy reading your posts and learning from your experiences. One day I hope to contribute - but until them I am a happy voyeur. :D
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Welcome! This is a great resource for you to share your ideas and get great feedback from talented people! It's time to quit looking and dive right in!
Thank you. Really like the sites... Can you tell me how or who was able to print the oversize graphics on the shirts? My art is large and I want to print large format. Any clues?
Many DTG shops will print 16"x20". Larger than that gets complicated and extremely expensive for DTG. Roll screen printers can go bigger but the prices might shock you.

Post your designs & we can point you in the right direction.
Ouch - I really want to have them screen printed and I am in the process of going from paper so will be a bit before I can show. I expect to have a niche market for the series so a bit more is okay. If I could find someone to create the oversize template, I could screen print myself as I do not anticipate large volumes. Thanks again for the support.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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