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Hello all,

I am an artist in New England, splitting time between Boston and Vermont. I earned a combined BFA/Diploma in 1996 and have worked doing some web graphics in NYC, as well as doing a bit of free-lance illustration for cards and things. I've sold the odd painting in the past, but have really come to embrace illustration and don't paint much anymore. I don't work mainly as an artist, but do it as a side thing, largely because I could never find the right medium for marketing my particular style of art. T-shirts are just one of the things I want to design, and I'm also hoping to do some artwork for other companies and even license some designs/illustrations in the future. Right now I am illustrating an activity book for kids with cancer, in conjunction with two hostpitals in Boston, but this is purely charitable work for which I'm not being paid.

I plan on asking a lot of goofy questions here, and hopefully will be able to answer some once my knowledge expands.

This is a great place, and I'm psyched to have discovered it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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