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Artist for hire?

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It's taking me too long to try and figure out some things for artwork. Is there a place to send graphics and have done?
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I'm in the metro east STL area. Chronicdesigns81, what's your rates?
My profile still says Ohio, but I'm actually living in Northern WV now. The rates depend on the job, but it's usually somewhere between $20 and $50.
Cool! So if I send you something. You can give me a bid? Then pay you thru Paypal?
Yes. Exactly. Anytime you need anything just let me know. Turnaround can be anywhere from the same day to a few days depending on the artwork.
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Thanks a lot Eddie. I really hate it when people do this ****. Of course there's cheaper options. You can go to ebay and get shirts printed for next to nothing, but I would never post that on a thread where people were trying to offer they're services at a reasonable price.
Sorry i was just replying the the original ? and what i have done
Sorry i was just replying the the original ? and what i have done
You kinda sabotaged a bid
the op asked a question. there is more than one answer and more than one artist.

i honestly don't see where you have a right to be upset that he gave the op another option. he didn't jump on YOUR thread and try to undercut you.

he answered the ops question.

any graphic designer, worth his fee, shouldn't be worried about fivver.

instead of being upset about eddies post, you should take the time to point out to the op that you would be a better option, and why.

what's wrong with fivver?
why are you better than fivver?
what makes you worth more than someone on there?

i'll answer a few of those for you, without even knowing you or having seen your work.

for one thing, yes fivver is cheap. five bucks cheap. however, you have to find an artist on there that knows t-shirt design. just because someone is a designer, doesn't mean they know squat about t shirt design.

another thing, folks on fivver have a queue, and a turnaround time, and they list how long that is. but then they allow you to another five for faster service. then another five if you want revisions, and another five if you want the vector files (key deal breaker here) by the time you're done you could end up spending 20-40 bucks on something from a fivver artist.

in my opinion, its MUCH better to get in cahoots with someone that knows t-shirt design, and someone whose price fits your budget. and someone that can show you past work, and explain why they are worth their price.

i am NOT a designer. I'm a printer. I don't bother wasting my time designing. I dont get paid for designing. I get paid for shirts coming off the press. So i have a freelance designer I work with, who I am very very happy with. Both his work AND his prices AND his turnaround time.

communication is easy. it's like having an inhouse designer in the next room.

any designer that is worried about you looking around, or shopping around, would scare me off.
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I don't want to get into a whole debate about this. He didn't realize what he was doing so I apologized. Had he know I would still be pissed. It has nothing to do with not wanting someone to shop around.
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