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ARTIST Doing Shirts for the first time :)

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I am a professional artist and have been doing sub printing for about 10 years of my artwork painting on Cuttingboards and Tile ... long story short small sub printer finally died and I got a new 44” Epson Surecolor F6200 and a 20x25 knight heat press and now I am going to offer shirts ... but so clueless on what would be best and who to purchase blanks from ...
First question does is Vapor better than Sport Tek for dye Sub

Thanks for your help
Jen Callahan © :)
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I want to welcome you to the forums Jen , but will have to let someone else answer your questions on which garment is better since I don't do dye sub, but good luck and welcome to the forums :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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