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Article 1 ...good Stuff !!!!!!!!

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hello people (especially Int'l)...i finally found a somepeople who don't bust your chops if you trying to get stuff shipped internationally ..........www.article1.net ........also their quality is great and their tags tear off so you don't have to get that relabelling charge that printmijo has they are great ..........the only thing is their colours are mostly dark...so that maynot suit us all but give them a check they are great ..............hope this helps someone
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their tags tear off so you don't have to get that relabelling charge
Most places that do relabeling will still need to charge a relabeling fee if they are going to label the blanks with your custom label. Removing the old label is only one part (not the hardest part at all). I think relabeling fees mostly cover the time/cost of sewing in your custom label into the garment.

But on to the topic :), I emailed article1 last week and I plan on ordering some samples from them soon. So far I've only heard good things about them and they were fast to respond to emails.
nice resource, thanks.

what is the sheer spargetti tank like ?
I'll agree with you on Article 1. I have their tees. Great quality, extremely soft. Great customer service. The "In and Out" tee and "50/50" tees are my favorites. The company is owned by Mossimo Giannulli's family.
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