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Realy, I used ArtCUT for years and fact is I newer had the problems I read about. True I do not need automated bitmap to Vector translasions I only uses the Digitize option. Or-- I did, becaurse after updating to a new computer same Win7, that menu are just gone.
It had several options the most important to regret the last point I digitized along an imported Jpg, by hand. Now I can only use the mouse to draw polyline or Spline lines, and guess what ; I can not regret last point if I make a foult.

Guess most would look for automated bitmap to Vector functions, but I make my drawings by hand and then take a foto to import it into ArtCUT so I can trace the lines and Cut the Stencil, but image the pen or brush in your paint program are suddelny not there -- this is how it is with my ArtCUT 2009 that I got with my cutter plotter, that right side Digitize (Trace) menu are gone, not there, --- and I been using it for years. to hand trace imported bitmaps.

Has Windows removed parts of the source code, ? -- I did buy a new Win7 a month ago for my new Intel NUC, And when I look at ArtCUT "Help" Html file, there are a "Digitize" point in the Graph menu, but not in my ArtCut.

Now -- I love ArtCUT's plotter interfase the plot menu, it is better than the AutoCAD14 I now must use on a standalone computer, to digitize and plot so I realy would like to stay with ArtCUT and as I said, I newer had problems with ArtCUT before.
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