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Are you only doing business about t-shirt?

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Hope there someone who is retailers, wholesalers,buyer,vendor or doing anything which is related to apparel business. Here is my question:

T-shirt is most pupuar garment that many people choose it for their start-up business when they step in apprarel industry business. I hope to know is there any garment product esle you'd like to start up except for T-shirt? Are you only doing business about T-shirt?

T-shirt business is becoming more and more competitive than ever before, have anyone else considered to expand their business scale to do something esle except t-shirts? such as pants, shorts, jacket, shirts, skirts, dress?

Thanks to share any advice of you, really appreciate it.

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Well as I start off, I'm only going to design shirts. This winter I'm planning to get custom beanies because my target are teens. I would love to sponsor someone so I can promote them while promoting me. Maybe some collaboration here and there. Next would probably be jackets, pants, backpacks if all goes well ;)
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