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Are there company's that can cut stencils for me?

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does anyone here own or know of a place where I can get custom stencils cut?

I find it hard to cut out my stencils using an Xacto knife and getting perfect edges. I'd like to use them for silk screening, most of my stencil are words or very basic pictures and I don't own a cutting machine (though I'm trying to convince my husband to get me one for mothers day....)

I live in Sydney Australia

Also does anyone recommend a good quality metallic fabric paint, I'm after gold and bronze

thank you so much!
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Hold out for Silhouette Cameo! I don't know much about silkscreening, but I'll just throw out that I've used freezer paper for single-use stencils for shirts. Easy to cut with an Xacto knife and you can press it on. I provide a link because sometime people don't know what this kind of paper is.


Happy Mother's Day, and good luck. If this is a totally useless response, well, at least you got a bump.
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Thanks so much Dee! I have actually used freezer paper a few times its great as you can just iron it on the fabric and then peel off but I find it harder to cut.

Do you own a Cameo? if you do which one would you recommend?

Again thanks so much
Yes, I own a Cameo, and I'd recommend it for a smaller scale operation. That's not to exclude other cutters; the Cameo is all I know. Calhtech uses his Cameo seemingly all. the. time. and can speak about using it pretty heavily (I think that's his handle...) I would've thought the freezer paper would be easy to cut, but then, I was comparing it to mylar.

Silhouette has two products, the Cameo and the Portrait. Go with the Cameo as it's larger. Costs under $300 here. The customer service is top notch (very responsive) and the Silhouette Plus board is extremely helpful and responsive.
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