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Are there any Inks that will not run?

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Are there any inks for Heat Transfers that are guaranteed not to run? I am using pigment ink and have had good luck. But once I left my t-shirts in the washing machine over night and the red ran. If I am going to sell these, I want to be sure they will not run. Any suggestions?
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Are you sure you have pigment and not dye based ink? Pigment usually doesn't run. Maybe you got a bad batch of red. You could try sublimation. That ink doesn't run, but the blanks are expensive.
Thanks for you input. I will check my inks. I purchased a CIS system and ink. I thought they were pigment inks but I am going to double check on that. I had another issue with the blue dye inks in the same situation but my understanding was pigment inks would be better.

Can you use sublimation ink on T-shirts?
sublimation inks work great on the right t-shirts. They have to be light colored 100% polyester.
You can get sublimation shirts from TSC Apparel and Conde. There may be others that sell them too.
I have discovered that my inks are a hybrid. They are supposed to have the best features of Pigment and Dye inks. But I don't want to give anyone a t-shirt that will run. They are fine unless they are left wet in the washing machine for a long time. I am going to look further into Pigment inks. Any recommendations on the best ones?
Try Cobra Ink. They have refillable carts, bulk ink, and CISS.
Thank you. I am going to look into Cobra Pigment Inks.
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