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are all empty refillable carts the same?

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let me be more specific...

are refillable carts for dye ink the same as refillable carts for pigment ink?

my situation... i have been using a workforce 1100 for almost a year, with a ciss from hotzone 360.

a few months back, my printer wouldn't print (we had gone some time without printing) after taking apart the entire ciss and trying to get all the clogs and air bubbles out.. even going so far as removing the printhead and soaking it overnight, and ensuring it was spotless and clog free.. .we put it on the shelf and bought a new one.

i'll get around to messing with the old one again at some point and revive it. so i decided i did not want to mess with the ciss when ever that point arrives, so instead i bought refillable carts for it. and we bought them with dye ink. thinking that we would use the dye ink for positives in one printer and pigment ink in the other printer for inkjet transfers.

however, i have no gotten around to it, yet, so we have just been using the new 1100 for everything..

now, some of the stock carts are empty. both blacks and magenta.


can i use my new (still empty) refillable carts, and fill them with my pigment ink, and keep this new printer rolling with pigment ink.

or are these carts for some reason made to be filled with ONLY dye ink. the photo looks like they are the same thing. they have not been filled with any type of ink yet.

or, should i fill them with dye ink, and swap out all the carts in the new printer with dye.

if so, how many prints does it take to flush out the pigment from the print head?

is this a no no, should you not switch from pigment to dye once the printer has been in use?

i wasn't scared to try it on the old printer since its been completely flushed.

but on the new one... eh, its working , i dont want to break it. i'm fine with continuing to use pigment in it, but is there going to be anything wrong with the carts i have, that shipped with dye ink.

are they the same either way, or is the valving or whatever, maybe somehow different, and only intended to be used with one type of ink?

i'd love to hear that i can just fill these with pigmant and go back to printing.

then i can play with the old printer at a later date when i have time.

ok, sorry for the long ramble.

anyon with refillable carts have any ideas?

here are the carts i bought:

and here are his same carts, but with pigment ink.

imo, from the outside, the carts look the same.
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The main problem with this is that you would have no way of completely flushing the dye ink out of it, and you don't want to mix ink types. Also, you don't want to constantly change ink types in the printer. Pick one and stay with it, or you could ruin it. You would also have to lose quite a bit of ink running cleaning cycles to get the new ink into the head, and I'm not even sure how you would tell how many cycles or purge pages it takes to completely get rid of all the dye.

If you want pigment and already have the inks, your best bet would be to buy empty carts that are designed to be refillable. That way only what's in the printhead needs to be flushed out.
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i think some details got lost in all my rambling.

i DO have refillable carts. they came with dye inks. but they have NOT been filled yet.

they are completely empty and unused.

but of course, the stock inks are pigment. and i have pigment in my ciss.

i would RATHER use the pigment inks than the dye, as that's what i've been using for a year for both positives and transfers, with no problems.

anyway, while waiting i watched some youtube video, and these really looked like there was no differance... so i chanced it. filled the magenta and black with pigment from my ciss tanks..

worked fine. printer is printing.

the dye inks are not even opened.. i think i'll throw them up on ebay and buy some more pigment, or maybe some refillable carts for the other workforce. and ditch the ciss altogether.
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Yeah, there shouldn't be any difference in the carts. There may have been back when there were sponge filters in the carts, but I think even back then there was only one kind. Both suppliers I've gotten refillables from only have one version of empty carts per printer. A lot of Epsons the only difference is the chip on the cart, otherwise they're completely interchangeable with dozens of models.
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