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Appraising Shirts - need a Retailer or Sales Rep Advice

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I was wondering if there was a way i can get an estimated value for my products so I will be sure not to place too high of an SRP and thus overprice my product. I have all organic shirts so does that allow me to demand a higher price point?

Also, when I state my SRP is that with or w/o taxes? < prob a dumb question...lol

Thanks guys!
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organic does demand a higher price because they are sold at a higer cost to you. remember you got into the business to make money not through it away. the first steps you must take it ot figure out your cost associated with running your business. space, electricity, shirt cost, ink cost, labor for shirt, are they screen or transfer, level or intensity of design, are you designing yourself or paying someone. i would say start at $15 because you are using organics. my shirts start at $10 and that is a blulk price from 10-20 shirts then i adjust but i am not using organic.

who is your target market?

are you wholesale or retail then prices are different wholesale you may want to price at $10 retail $15 also the region you live in dictates the price.
taxes is completely up to you but you will have to pay on money earned
do not be afraid to find check out what others are selling their shirts for and price appropriately. go into some highe end -low end stores compare your product and adjust your pricing. don't re-invent the wheel

hope this helps
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Thank you so much for the info! We actually have decided to go with a price closer to 15 after analyzing our cost per unit.

Thanks again!
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