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Apparel Magic

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Has anyone here experienced Apparel Magic?
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I am curious as well as I am not familiar with this.
It is software specifically designed for the Apparel Industry. It sort of Centralizes the functionality of the business side of your clothing line. I was sent a demo that I had to download to my computer in order to see a demonstration of all it's capabilities. It seems like a great system but I wanted to speak with someone outside of the company prior to making a purchase...It runs about 5k and licenses are 1k each.. In laymen s, it integrates all of your suppliers, printers, accounting, marketing, and customer service in a very manageable way.

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We are looking at this software as well and there is not a lot out there on it. It is a decent investment. Is there a reason you are looking at this software over say another program like Acctivate or Fishbowl?
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