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Anyone want to buy a mix of tees/hoods for stock?

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Well im packing up my t shirt printing operation and going back to New Zealand.

I would love to take all my stock of tees and hoods with me, but it will be cheaper and easier to sell it all and purchase again over there.

If anyone is interested this is the stuff I would like to get rid of:

Gildan GD72L ladies fitted tees (£1.90 exc VAT each from Pencarre):
Cherry Red
S-2, M-3, L-4, XL-2
Kiwi Green
S-3, M-3, L-2, XL-3
S-3, M-3, L-4, XL-3
S-3, M-5, L-5, XL-2
Azalea (pink_

Mens Stars and Stripes ES03 tees (£1.30 ex VAT each from Ethic Star)
S-4, M-6, L-6, XL-4
Royal Blue
S-2, M-3, L-1, XL-4
S-5, M-3, L-5, XL-4
S-4, M-4, L-2, XL-4
S14, M-9, L-11, XL-4

Also have some really nice black hoodys from Ethic Star. (ES-154)
Think I have about 4 or 5 of all sizes Small through XL

Buying these would enable you to set up a website simalar to mine (see my signature), and would be good for anyone using vinyl set up as you just keep the tees blank and then print to order when the orders come in.

Would like to sell as a lot but probably wont be able to find anyone that wants all these colours/sizes so will split.

Make offers?

P.s. Sorry about the wrong forum but I dont think many people in the Uk check the For Sale section.

Let me know if you might be interested in some or all of this stuff, otherwise it will have to go on ebay (which i cant really be bothered doing!)
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