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Looking for a affordable larger press but need a good one.
Anyone used any of these???

I found this one GO xPress Manual 3040 Heat Press

this is a new 30x40 for $4500 from a CA seller
GO xPress Manual 3040 Heat Press - AvianiX.com

But i see it is just a newer china import i found it here.
Large Format Heat Press Machine MHP01_Products_auplex.com

one place says $1500 for it but i am not sure what it would cost to get it shipped here to the US.

Also another i am looking at that is a lot smaller but seems to be from a good company is the
GO Metalnox EL 800 Pull-Out Drawer Manual Heat Press it is a 20x28 press larger then a Knight 20x25 and a little less in money.
GO Metalnox EL 800 Heat Press

Or for more money but still a lot less then a Knight maxi press the xPress 3040 Pneumatic Heat Press that is a 30x40 for $7000 more then i want to spend and i do not need Pneumatic.

GO xPress 3040 Pneumatic Industrial Heat Press for Apparel

But this seems to be a china import to you can see here.

Heat Press Machines,Sublimation Blanks,CISS,Refillable Cartridge,INK

Would like to go with a 30x40 if that $4500 one works good that would be a good price point but if its junk i dont want to wast my money and i think i would go for the $2800 20x28.


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The problem is the shipping.

I got a quote on this press built by Microtec of $598 direct from the manufacturer.
HPN Signature Series 20" x 32" Auto-Open Drawer
Unfortunately shipping was $805. The other problem was that any warranty or parts would also have to come from China.

If a US distributor would order a container of these larger presses, I'm sure the price would come down. Most of the dealers have these as special order only.
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