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Anyone use Livingston Systems press

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Anyone use the Livingston Systems screen press?

If any do what are your likes/dislikes about it?

If you had it to do over would you still buy it?
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Haven't used it but it looks like a cheap version of a Riley Hopkins.
i dont have one but agree with tj ryonet tech. i do have a livingston systems jacket hold down and it is a sweet piece of equipment
I like the idea of the Livingston System press in that it comes as a one-color press but can be upgraded with extra arms to become a 4-color press. Micro registration can be added as well as a floor stand. All of these things can be added as the owner can afford them which makes owning a quality 4-color press with registration a lot easier for those like me who may not have the money to pay several thousand dollars at once to get such a press.

Anyone with experience with this press?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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